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About Our Casual Dresses

It’s not hard for most of us to figure out what casual dressing is exactly, but there are three different identifiable types you should know. There is business casual, smart casual and just casual. Business Casual dresses are typically those low-key styles you would wear into the office. They tend to cover you up a little more than the others. Smart Casual (or dressy casual) dresses are more structured, less ethereal. A shirtdress is a good example of this. If you are trying to comply with a Smart Casual dress code but want to wear your favorite chiffon floral, you absolutely can, but you would top it off with a blazer and switch out the high heel sandals for pumps. Specifically Casual dresses offer a laid-back vibe that read informal and comfortable to anyone looking at you.

All types of casual dresses run the gambit of short and long, printed and solid. The trending prints this season are florals and dots. Many of these dresses look great with sneakers, others may call for a more fashion-oriented shoe like a ballet flat, heels or sandals of any heel height. That’s what’s great about this style of dress… there are no shoe rules. You can wear whatever looks good with the dress. The carefree nature of casual dresses makes them so easy to wear without getting all gussied up. You might not need much, if any, jewelry. You may just put your hair in a ponytail.

Casual dresses are perfect for running errands, going to the salon, movies, picnics , “Casual Fridays” at the office or going out to brunch. Usually, denim or chambray are what you think of, when you think casual dress, but that isn’t necessarily true anymore. It could just be the looser cut that makes it look more relaxed and easy-to-wear. Peasant styles and many off-shoulder silhouettes are trending this season and are sure to show up at that garden party you were invited to. Often these dresses have ruffles on the shoulders or on the hems, but they don’t have to.

The best thing about having an array of casual dresses in your closet is that you don’t always have to pick jeans as your off-hours go-to. Dresses offer much more personal style and say a lot about your fashion sense than jeans do. You won’t look like everyone else at the party. Isn’t it time you owned a few?

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