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Getting The Perfect Dress Fit - Closet52

Finding a dress to fit your shape is easier than you might think. When you are in a dress you love, it shows. It’s empowering. Your confidence beams. And there’s no better way to start the day than that.

Identify Your Body Type

When you know what your body type is, dressing yourself becomes much easier – and even enjoyable – since you know what looks best. While there are numerous body type combinations, most women fit into one of four primary categories.

  1. Apple: This body type is rounded all around, with slimmer legs and arms. This body shape is usually without a defined waistline and might have a smaller or bigger chest area.
  2. Pear: This body type is distinguished by a smaller upper body compared to the lower half.
  3. Hourglass: Hourglass forms are distinguished by a narrow waist in relation to the hip/bust ratio.
  4. Rectangle: This body shape will have slender hips, thighs, and waistlines. The bust and the rear will lean on the small side.

Do you need help determining your measurements for your body type? Check out this measurement guide to get the most out of your fashion.


Because this body shape is rounded, you should choose dresses in colors that have the effect you’re going after.

Dark neutrals such as black tones, browns, navy, forest green, charcoal gray, and deep aubergine absorb light and create the illusion of a streamlined effect. They are classically powerful and assertive. Brighter colors say you are ready to face the day with energy and determination.

Large florals, patterns, and stripes can exude a lively spirit that matches your own.

Modest prints such as vertical stripes, little polka dots, gingham, and houndstooth show you are poised and resolute.

The Right Fabric

The fabric you select for your body type is as significant as the dress itself.

Avoid clingy or shiny fabrics that don't have any stretch. Stretch maintains the shape of the dress (and your shape too) all day long. Look for spandex, elastane or Lycra® in the fabric mix.

Choose materials with substance, plenty of room, and that contour your curves.

Matte jersey is one of the most ideal fabrics for this body type, although cotton, viscose, and wool blends also perform well.


The top and bottom portions of a pear-shaped figure have high contrast, so keep this in mind while choosing colors, prints, and patterns.

Don't be afraid to experiment by adding colors from all over the spectrum.

Whether you want to highlight or hide your curvy bottom is up to you. Either way it’s easy to do. A sheath, a wrap or a knit dress are perfect styles to accentuate your shape. While fit-and-flares or A-lines are great silhouettes to show off your other features.

Bold designs and patterns create attention, and smaller patterns or solids bring the focus inward.

The Right Fabric

Form-fitting fabrics flatter your pear shape by emphasizing all your curves.

Matte jersey, rayon viscose, polyester blends, and cotton are all great options.


Light colors like white, ivory, light pink, baby blue, and canary yellow reflect the light offering an optimistic, self-assured vibe. Darker colors are strong and deliberate. They create an undeniable confidence. Every day, pick out a dress in the color that makes you feel best.

Prints can be very flattering in large or small patterns. Only you know which ones make you feel beautiful.

The Right Fabric

This body type's stunning curves should always be emphasized, which means almost any
form-fitting fabric is going to be flattering.

Spandex, matte jersey, leather, and cotton are some fabrics that will highlight your hourglass figure.


Colors that are light and vibrant will give the impression of a curvier silhouette.

Darker colors work just as well and will contour your shape. Because there are no curves to break up the appearance, rectangle forms look amazing in bold prints and patterns. But don’t discount the pinstripes, pindots and small florals. They, too, offer a viable option… femininity.   

The Right Fabric

Choose flexible fabrics such as spandex, cotton, and matte jersey, in addition to some clinging fabrics like silk and satin. These are used to trace the body and highlight the curves.

We hope this guide helps you decide what kinds and colors of dresses to wear with your own shape. A quick tip is to take a selfie every morning in a full-length mirror. You will quickly see what looks best on you and what you love the most. Then? Go shopping!


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