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Infographic: The History of Dresses | Closet52

Infographic: The History of Dresses

Dresses have always been the piece of clothing women and girls turn to every day, for any and all occasions. But did you ever wonder how dress styles and trends came to be? Why have certain dresses caused such a stir that women all over the country start wearing the same styles at the same time? Fashion trends are heavily influenced by pop culture, especially by Hollywood, politics and economics. We took a deep dive through decades of dress design to find out the role they played in history. 

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Dress Materials: How They Fit, Feel, Wash, and Wear | Closet52

Dress Materials: How They Fit, Feel, Wash, and Wear

When selecting fabrics, the easiest way to know if they will work is to first know what you need them to provide. Do they have to move with you or create a distinct silhouette? Do they need to be cleaned in a specific way, or can they be thrown in the washing machine? Are you going on a trip, attending a particular event, or looking for something entertaining to wear on a daily basis... continued ▸
Getting The Perfect Dress Fit | Closet52

Getting The Perfect Dress Fit

Finding a dress to fit your shape is easier than you might think. When you are in a dress you love, it shows. It’s empowering. Your confidence beams. And there’s no better way to start the day than that. When you know what your body type is, dressing yourself becomes much easier – and even enjoyable – since you know what looks best. While there are numerous body type combinations, most women fit into one of four primary categories... continued ▸